The Backbone of the EZIDEK system relies of the twin triangulated Open-web Trusses, with common Top Chord bar. The Bottom Chords are embedded with-in a Pre-cast (light-weight) Concrete BEAM. These Pre-casts (light-weight) Concrete Beams are manufactured as 'STANDARD' height & 'SET-DOWN' height varieties.

The 'Beams' are spaced-out at various centres (STD @750 & SET-DOWN @550 cts) with the 'CVF's' placed in between, creating in effect, a series of "Parallel T-Beams", with an overall Floor Depth of 270mm.

The CVF's are load bearing in that they provide an approved continuous Work Deck for the Installation of Services, Reinforcing Mesh and Concrete Placement. The EZIDEK System requires minimal Propping, affording the opportunity of carrying on with Fit-out Works to the Floor below the day following the Pour.


  1. Simple $ Savings in the Installed EZIDEK System Costs, over conventional systems.
  2. Less tangible, but in Multi-Storey construction, considerable savings accrue in Time/Preliminary Costs, due to the inherent speed in which the System is Installed & Poured, typically a Week/Floor in lieu of 3 Weeks/Floor.
  3. A Saving in the over-all Mass of the Foundations necessary, due to the Light-weight nature of the EZIDEK System.


  1. COST SAVINGS as per the ‘above’.
  3. ACOUSTIC ISOLATION, meeting the current Sound (AIRBORNE & IMPACT) Isolation, particularly relevant in Multi-unit Residential applications.
  4. THERMAL INSULATION, providing an Insulation value of R-3.5.
  5. FIRE RATING performance of 90/90/90 & 120/120/120 F.R.L.
  6. SMOKE DEVELOPED INDEX of 5 (five)
  7. SPREAD OF FLAME INDEX of 0 (zero)
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