The EZIDEK system relies on Pre-cast Light-weight (approx 17kg/Lm) concrete 'Beams' 230mm W x 50mm H, spaced at various spreads (typically 750mm) providing for Standard Spans of up to 6.0M. The Backbone of the EZIDEK system is the Twin Triangulated Open-web Trusses, embedded into the concrete BEAM separating the Bottom Chord Steel Bars, and the Larger Dia. Common (single) Top Chord Steel Bar. BEAMS are available in two height ranges, 220mm high for the STANDARD Floor, and 180mm high for the SET-DOWN Floor.

With the CVF's placed between the Beams and the Reinforcing Mesh placed directly on, (and supported by) the Truss Top Chord, creating in effect, a continuous series of "Parallel T-Beams". These are available in two width ranges, 600mm wide for the STANDARD Floor, and 400mm wide for the SET-DOWN Floor, each of these is also available in a "zipped" (at the rebate line) version, allowing easier cutting of the CVF'S to suit closer non-standard centre's. The CVF's are load bearing once installed and provide a continuous (approved) safe Working Deck for the Installation of Services, Reinforcing Mesh and Concrete Placement.

Prior to the placement of the concrete, the Plumbing, Electrical and other Services are installed complete with penetrations and Fire-collars where necessary.

The EZIDEK system Beams may be self-supported where Spans do not exceed 2.8 M. beyond which they must be supported by a Single Row of Props to a Span up to 5.4 M. thereafter Two Rows of Props are required.

The "STANDARD" 220mm high Beams are available as 180mm high "SET-DOWN" BEAMS to provide a set down capability for Wet-areas, Balconies and the like, but still providing a continuous common Soffit line, given the reduced height, These BEAMS are spaced at closer (550mm rather than 750mm cts).

EZIDEK can be fitted with "PT" to achieve clear spans up to 12.0 M. This has been achieved using the "STANDARD" 220mm high BEAMS in pairs @ 1.0 M. cts with the PT Cables running between the paired BEAMS. The pairs of Beams are separated by standard CVF's.

Currently EZIDEK is researching and developing a range of stronger/stiffer/taller Beams, to more economically provide for Spans beyond the "normal" 6.5 M. without the expense of incorporating PT.

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