Ezidek International Pty Ltd is pleased to announce the appointment of Tradesure (M) Sdh Bhd (Co 946570-H) as our sole agent and licensed manufacturer in the territories of Malaysia, Indonesia and Singapore.

Mr Steven Loke will continue to head up the Sales team for Tradesure providing you with our ever improving product range. With new features developed through improved technology, we are now able to feature the ability to span even larger areas, increased counter lever ability, no need to have huge cranes on site to lift the beams, plus the new grey CVF's (Composite Void Formers) which replace the old Polystyrene blocks traditionally used. These CVF are specially manufactured of a new composition material and contain an Insect Repellent. We have our newly patented, light weight slurry, plus all the regular benefits of the Ezidek International floor and road system. All designed to help you build a more cost effective project.

All Ezidek International precast flooring and road systems produced by Tradesure are manufactured to strict Australian Design Regulations and Patent.

We are pleased to have commissioned the production facility on the 3rd December 2012 and are confident of the highest quality products being produced.

The former licensee (Ezidek (M) Sdh Bhn) of Ezidek Internationals IP and technology has been terminated for non-compliance of the terms and condition of their appointment on the 23rd November 2012. Their continued registration and use by them of the name "Ezidek" in any form is unauthorized and a fraudulent miss-representation of our company, its patent, trademark and its products.

We look forward to your continuing support and suggest you check our website on a regular basis to be kept up to date with our product and technical development information.

Contact Details:

Tradesure (Malaysia) SDN BHD
Permai 3
Meranti Permai Industrial Park
47100 Puchong Selangor Daril Ehsan

Phone +60 380 605 995
Fax +60 380 602 980

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