EZIDEK was established in 1998. Over the years we have manufactured hundreds of thousands of square metres of EZIDEK Flooring, Road and Bridge Beams in Australia and throughout Malaysia.

The EZIDEK Suspended Concrete Floor system is suitable for Commercial, Multi-Unit Residential, and Domestic construction applications. EZIDEK is also available for portal frame timber houses.

Whether it's a floor span of one or twenty metres, it is simply achieved with EZIDEK's cost effective Standard Non Tensioned (SNT) or Post Tensioned (Maxispan) and/or a combination of innovative Beam construction. EZIDEK Beams start from AUD $85.00 per sqm (Note1) for SNT Beams.

The insulation and fire retardant ability of the EZIDEK system meets or exceeds the Australian Building Code requirements. This is achievedby using our proprietary Composite Void Former's (CVF's) and our specially designed EZIDEK Beams which are made with a patented additive added to the concrete mix. The underside of the completed product is ready to paint.

EZIDEK can be assembled by normal building laborers. If required an experienced EZIDEK supervisor can be provided to oversee and instruct personnel on the installation of the EZIDEK product.

With 4 workers you can easily assemble 200 sqm of flooring per day and with limited to no propping the lower floor can continue to be fitted out while work can begin on preparing for the next floor the day after pouring the top coat.

Note 1: is based upon Standard Ezi270.750 @ 6M spans with no point or line loads exceeding 1.5Kpa


The EZIDEK benefits begin with a total project cost savings over ALL of our competitors flooring. With many projects having an all up cost of $85.00 (Note 1) AUD per sqm. This includes on site crane hire, Australian engineering and certification, delivery, onsite supervisor, plus the reduction in footing costs due to EZIDEK's lightweight composition over existing flooring systems, right through to lowering ongoing buildings power costs due to the EZIDEK CVF's insulation properties. EZIDEK is totally Environmentally and Carbon friendly while meeting and exceeding Australian Building Design regulations. EZIDEK requires minimal Propping, affording the benefit of carrying on with Fit-out Works to the Floor below, the day following the Pour.


The EZIDEK System relies on the EZIDEK Pre-cast Concrete Beams spaced at various distances (typically @ 750cts) with "Void Formers" known as (CVF's) placed between, thus creating in effect, a series of "Parallel T-Beams".


EZIDEK the key element of the product is a combination of Lightweight Precast Concrete Beams with twin triangulated Open Web Trusses with the Top Chord supporting a layer of Reinforcment Mesh.


The 'Void Formers' are load bearing, they provide a trafficable Work Deck for the Installation of Services, Reinforcing Mesh and Concrete Placement replacing the need for traditional propped soffit formwork.

The EZIDEK System may be supplied on a "Supply-only" basis (including transport to site) for Builders/Concreters/Form-workers, wishing to undertake their own installation (subject to OHS/Installation/Site Inspection) or "Supplied & Installed" complete by one of the following authorised Representatives.

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