As shown in the "EZIDEK components" section, the EZIDEK system provides for a series of pre-manufactured, precast light-weight concrete Beams, being 230mm wide x 50mm thick.

Embedded into these EZIDEK Beams is a layer of trench mesh reinforcement, together with two angled, open-web girder trusses, having a common heavy top-chord bar. It's this element which gives the EZIDEK Beams their inherent self-spanning strength, together with providing the system with the reinforcing for the Beams and the shear strength within the suspended slab

A continuous series of insitu formed "parallel T-Beams" are created by setting the EZIDEK Beams at regular intervals (typically @ 750mm cts.) with the void formers spanning between the Beams to form the void between the Beams to create the integral"T"-Beams

The mass of EZIDEK Beams themselves are 17kg/lm. (conc. + steel), and @ 750cts this would be equal to 22.6kg/m2, for the typical Beam layout. The total mass of a typically constructed floor 248kg/m2.

The EZIDEK Beams generally, will comfortably span up to 6M. Longer spans can generally be achieved dependent on the particular design parameters.

EZIDEK have more recently added a post-tensioned option to their range of building solutions, which will accommodate spans up to 12,000mm.

The post-tensioned floor option (as shown 'above' employs "double" Beams @ 1,000mm cts with the PT cable positioned within the space between the 'doubled' Beam trusses. The EZIDEK Maxispan system has been used recently for number of floor levels, at a project at Wagga Wagga.

The typical EZIDEK suspended concrete floor system finishes 270mm thick overall, with the top slab being 90mm thick.

The EZIDEK Beams and CVF's have been tested (simply supported at the ends only i.e. no intermediate propping points) and comply with the minimum requirements for trafficable formwork. Further the EZIDEK Beams have been tested and approved, in respect to the likely foot traffic point load impact on the Beam edges, during on-site assembly.

With the addition of a single row of intermediate props, the EZIDEK suspended concrete floor system may span up to 5,800mm.

For spans exceeding 5,800mm the EZIDEK suspended concrete floor system requires a double row of intermediate props.

These intermediate props may be removed at 7, 14 or 28 days, dependant of the concrete strength employed and approval of the certifying structural engineer.

However fit-out works may proceed on the floor level immediately below the newly poured level the day after, offering considerable savings in project time and costs.

EZIDEK provides a shallower 'set-down' Beamfor use in creating set-down slabs for either wet-areas or for external attached balconies.

To provide for the same structural strength. The shallower 'set-down' Beams they are more closely spaced @ 550mm cts. rather than the typical @ 750mm cts.

It is also possible to use the standard EZIDEK Beams at the closer spacing (550mm) which can extend the spans from the nominal 6,000mm in some cases, dependant on the particular design.

EZIDEK are currently considering the manufacture of deeper (higher) Beams, to provide for a suspended concrete floor system to satisfy larger spans with-out the need to go to the post-tensioned option.

Load Tables

Simple Supported Spans - 1.5kPa

Span (m) Deflection (mm) Span /
3.00 0.4 7500
3.50 0.8 4375
4.00 1.3 3077
4.50 1.9 2368
5.00 3.7 1352
5.50 8.2 671
5.75 11.3 509
6.00 15.7 382

Simple Supported Spans - 3.0kPa

Span (m) Deflection (mm) Span /
3.00 0.5 6000
3.50 1.0 3500
4.00 1.6 2500
4.50 3.7 1216
5.00 9.4 532
5.25 14.4 365

Continuous Spans - 1.5kPa

Span (m) Deflection (mm) Span /
3.00 0.3 10000
3.50 0.6 5833
4.00 1.0 4000
4.50 1.5 3000
5.00 2.2 2273
5.50 3.5 1571
6.00 6.5 923
6.25 10.7 584
6.50 15.7 414

The above load tables are to be used as a guide only, final design layouts and beam specifications for required loadings and spans will be determined by the design structural engineer.

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