In the competitive world of building construction/project development, time is money!

Primary savings, in construction costs for the EZIDEK system, in the actual per square metre rates, over conventionally (and some other non-conventionally) formed suspended structural concrete floor slabs. EZIDEK's has a base price of $85.00 AUD per sqm for a standard Beam, spacing and residential loadings.

More significant cost savings, come as secondary savings, these cost savings need to be factored-in to the actual job costs.

Secondary savings in the time required to complete each structural floor. Typically EZIDEK allows you to construct a floor per week (4 building workers should easily achieve 200 sqm per day, as opposed to three weeks per floor for conventional systems. Accordingly saving construction time directly reduces finance costs.

Secondary savings, from the ‘above’ multiply proportionally with the number of EZIDEK structural suspended concrete floors.

Secondary savings, further accrue as fit-out works may resume on the level below the newly poured level, the day after pouring, allowing for a shortening of the total fit-out period, and saving further costs.

Secondary savings in net crane time used in conjunction with the EZIDEK suspended concrete floor construction system.

Tertiary savings can also be realised by reducing the overall mass or dead load of the structure, thus affording the possibility of reducing the foundation design necessary.

Tertiary savings also come from the acoustic isolation properties. EZIDEK can comply with the current regulations and even has, by way of an additional applied foam membrane, allowing compliance when using hard floor surfaces like timber & tile. This removes the extra-over costs for resilient mounted sound isolating linings and the like.

Tertiary savings come from the thermal properties where EZIDEK's R-3* rating of the EZIDEK system removes any extra-over costs for insulation etc.

In tests carried out in Malaysia it was established that EZIDEK saved the building owner of a 850 square building approximately 86.5 KW per month in reduced air conditioning electricity costs. In the same test the temperature change within the building was monitored over 48 hours to vary only 5 degrees.

Tertiary savings from the fire rating properties where the FRL Rating of 90/90/90, the EZIDEK system removes any extra-over costs for additional fire protection.

Tertiary savings from the spread of flame & smoke developed properties, the EZIDEK system removes any extra-over costs for additional protection etc.

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