The latest requirements of the building code of australia (BCA2007) require minimum levels of sound attenuation/isolation between floors in various classes of construction.

The most stringent of these relates to multi-level, multiple sole-occupancy units, (multi-level apartment buildings (BCA2007, Class-2 construction).

In BCA2007 Class-2 construction, the sound attenuation/isolation has two separate and distinct classes of sound insulation:

  1. Airborne sound transmission (voices/sound equipment from adjoining units)
  2. Impact sound transmission (the sound of footsteps from adjoining units)

The BCA2007, requires a minimum sound isolation floor airborne sound to be:

  • Weighted sound reduction index + spectrum adaptation term
    (rw + ctr) ≤ 50

The BCA2007, requires a minimum sound isolation floor impact sound to be:

  • Weighted normalised impact sound pressure + spectrum adaptation (ln,w +ci) ≤ 62

The EZIDEK suspended floor system has been independently field/measured/tested in completed construction to satisfy the ‘above’ provisions of the BCA2007.

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