EZIDEK International was formed in 1998 in Sydney, Australia; by a collaboration of skill and experience of the original inventors, both in construction concreting and CVF's (CVF) manufacturing. Other partners were brought in to finance the manufacture and testing of prototypes.

The current system design is the product of refining the results gained in the process. EZIDEK meets all Australian Building regulations and in many cases exceeds them.

The product is designed to be user, environment and carbon friendly. All EZIDEK off cuts or waste product on site are collected and put into specially designed bags. These bags are then returned to the EZIDEK distribution centre where the product is either recycled or disposed of correctly.

EZIDEK is designed to be handled on site without the need of cranes. While cranes are need in many instances to lift the product to upper floors the product can be man handled easily into position.

EZIDEK has branched out into road and bridge applications.

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